Wk12. Activity – E Portfolio

So I changed up my website to a different theme! To personalize it more on how I like it. Although I like this theme I feel that I will constantly change it because I like different looks on things. I plan on using my website not only for one thing but several things. I want to create different tabs but I do not know how yet. I have been playing around with the different features to see how things go around. At first I will be posting up about my passion which is soccer, and maybe stuff about my favorite soccer team Barcelona. Then I was interested in going into the gaming world in PC, and YouTubing my videos live and posting up my link to my website. Hopefully, if I do get big on that, I will be doing a page for my channel and giveaways that I hope to do in the future. I would also like to put up different things I do in my life, so that people not only know the YouTube me but also get to see my life outside the box(screen). I think this would be a great idea because many are accustomed to just seeing their favorite streamers on video but do not know much about their lives. I think it would be interesting in taking part and seeing things about someones life. I would also like to post informational and life tips I come across to help those in the world. I hope to come across significant things with the use of this e-portfolio. I plan on using this for a good cause.before


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