Wk14. Classmate Conversation – Group Talk

So on Thursday I was approached by Kristine Nguyen asking me if I had talked with anyone yet. I hadn’t, so then she called her friends over Jacob and Judy. They were all pretty chill to talk to. They said they met last year in a class, but Judy and Kristine have been friends or best friends since high school! They said they love to walk their dogs together, Judy has a pug mix, I believe that is what she said. Jacob said he wants to be a police officer so he is going into criminal justice. He recommended me to take Jiu Jutsu, because it is fun and will always win when sparring against friends. He said he loves to play instruments as hobbies, but didn’t really consider it a major because it isn’t something he really sees himself doing as a career. Judy mentioned how she loves going to the beach and has been in health science because she wants to be a doctor. Though she does not know what kind and was thinking maybe a pediatrician. She said she has been in a youth group for most of her life and also likes to do that as a hobby. Kristine said that she loves going to concerts as a hobby, never heard that one before. She said she wants to be a psychology major because she wants to learn how people think. This was interesting because I hadn’t met someone with the same interest as me! Other than that we started sharing why or how art has changed our lives for the better. Jacob started by saying that it allows him to go to places but I’m not sure if he said that because of Judy haha. Judy mentioned that it gives her another hobby to do as in going to museums and seeing new and different kinds of arts. Kristine said that it allows her to be more creative and see things different. Overall they were really great people and wish them luck in their careers. I leave a selfie of us down below!


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