Wk14. Artist Conversation – Makaila Palmer

This week I did my artist conversation on Makaila Palmer, who is on her way to getting her BFA in drawing. She is in her 6th year in college, and has been wanting to be an artist since the age of six years old. The main topic in her drawings was nature because of her love for it. She was inspired to create her gallery by Michelangelo when she studied abroad in Florence, Italy. She recommended that we studied abroad because in her experience she enjoyed it very much.

She mentioned that she went to Italy her second year at CSULB, becoming one of the best experience she has ever had. The main purpose she went was to see Michelangelo’s art work and learn new ideas from him. With this she was inspired and decided to create her own ideas and share it with everyone. Creating her four pieces of artwork, Day, Dusk, Dawn, and Night.

She did not have one of her paintings in the gallery because she said it was unfinished. Though she mentioned that this painting changes the perspective in which we view things. It is called “Night” and she wanted it to represent the experience and work that she has accomplished. Her work is about figuring out a path that we want to take and create. For example, her “Dawn” painting, portrays her adolescent years in figuring out what she wanted to do. The “Day” painting is about her college experience when she was reaching her last teen years. The last one, “Dusk” portrays her last months in college and her experience within those months.

The idea of how she wanted to describe her life through paintings was really creative. She seemed really positive in what she wanted to do, and it teaches many as myself to think about our future, and “picture” our life ahead. (No pun intended). Visit her website in the following link: MakailaPalmeralexxalexxx


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