Wk13. Artist Conversation – Tyler Turret

This week I visited Tyler Turret’s gallery at the Gatov-West building! Some background information on Tyler is that he is a senior animation student at Cal State University Long Beach. He is also known as an animator and an illustrator. Tyler has worked in one well known studio, Shadow Machine, producers of Robot Chicken which stream on Adult Swim. He really loves story-boarding and animation which is what he presented to us at his show and said he would love to work at Pixar one day.

His show shows depicts many different uses of characters with different forms of colors. He said that several Disney movies inspired him to become an animator and an illustrator. He mentioned that as a child his favorite cartoon channel was Nickelodean. He believed that animation was amazing by watching Disney movies as a kid and described it as “the hype of my style.”

tylerIn creating his artwork, he says that he starts off by drawing rough drafts and brainstorming different ideas with character designs. As mentioned before he uses different shapes, colors, and characters and combines them all to make his animations.

Interviewing Tyler was interesting and you can see the start to a great future. It is incredible how his animations are unique but they also give a high quality of work. Some of his work seems as though he was in Pixar,  and actually illustrated an animation through them. His work reminds me of several different Disney movies and cartoons. Though I liked his overall characters and theme. Good luck to you Tyler. Visit his animations in both his YouTube channel and website:

Tyler’s Page

Tyler’s Channel


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