Wk12. Classmate Conversation – Mark Flores

I met Mark Flores, he is a second year and is twenty years of age. He said he has lived in several different places from East Los Angeles, to Lancaster, and Houston, Texas. He even has lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for a couple of years. He said he moved back to California and has been living here for 5 years now, and lives in Newport Beach. He said he played baseball since he was four years old until his junior year of high school. His current hobby is boxing which he has been doing for seven months and plans on fighting in the amateurs. He said he works at a cafe in Newport. He goes to work and school full time. He loves to learn new things and has made the deans list for both of his semesters so far. His major is criminal justice and he wants to become a law enforcement officer in the city of Newport Beach. It is either a city cop or a California Highway Patrol. If he does not find interest in being that at all he would go into law school and become a lawyer. He said blue soothes him because it reminds him of the ocean and the color brings relaxation. Red reminds him of a spark and fire of aggressiveness, but in reality no color would be able to alter his mood in large enough sense to affect his actions.


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