Wk12. Artist Conversation – Mike Kent

This week I visited Mike Kent’s exhibition “Sacred & Profane.” He studied at Cal State University Northridge before coming to Cal State Long Beach. He took some years off as a student and during that time he taught. Later on he discovered a passion for painting and pursued it in Cal State Long Beach’s program, because it was of interest to him.

He said he was inspired by works from the Renaissance, Baroque style paintings, and street art. Two of his favorite artists are Piero della Francesca and Benvenuto Cellini. His art gallery was influenced by nearby art from cities such as San Pedro, and other different locations near Long Beach. He used techniques such as the form, color, light, space, and darkness to portray the human life, and emphasizes on lighting and space in his art.

Kent’s largest painting took him about four months to complete. All of his other paintings took over a month. His point in creating his art was not to give each piece a theme but to show what it expresses itself as. They were created to show communal human description, basically to show human like emotions.

His paintings were very realistic and all gave a real life picture. The paintings speak for themselves and give themes based on their time. The lighting in each such as “Passages” creates a picture as in movies that Marlon Brando would have came out. Mike Kent’s art is very detailed, although he does not have a website you can catch him @ icon5340.


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