Wk11. Fiber Art – Money Chain

Perhaps these are given in graduation, but what I decided to make was a money necklace that I can hang in my room. I have seen these in graduations and always thought it would be cool to have one. I used up all the dollars I had in my wallet and collected a few from my grandma. In total I used up $27 worth of a chain. I used up some beads and ran short so used two different ribbons from my aunt, who loves to do little pieces of work. My aunt helped me fold each dollar, which at first was very frustrating to keep together. So we used pieces of tape to keep the dollars in tack. I felt that in making this it signifies to me steps and struggles in a life. I will not use this money as a resemblance to early struggles in my life and will reflect to this after I become successful in the way I see my future. It is basically a trophy that I want to keep throughout my life, to push me to strive forward. Maybe one day I hope to tell the story behind this piece of work to my kids and pass it on. Although they might use it, I’ll know that I was able to give a good life those I love through hard work and effort.



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