Wk11. Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

This week I visited Kathy Yoon’s “So Many Me’s” exhibit. Kathy Yoon is twenty seven years of age, majored in ceramics, transferring to Cal State University Long Beach and has been in the ceramics department for 3 years. She said she use to like drawing as a kid and would play with play dough. She was introduced to ceramics in her college years and switched from being a math major to ceramics. Her gallery consisted of several small ceramic figures, each expressing different emotions.

Kathy did not become interested in art until she took ceramics in college. She started off by making animal figures, dealing with realism but did not feel that it was expressing her emotions how she wanted them to be expressed. So she began making the figures exhibited in her gallery. Her inspiration for these figures was illustrations and animations, representing people she knows and herself. They represent the emotions or emotions felt from or perceived from those people. She wants to express her personality through each of the characters, and would feel it as an accomplishment if people would feel and relate to her artwork.

Her favorite figure is the one holding the heart balloon. She used clay to make her figures, by making the clay into coils long strips and putting them together on top of one another. This creates a hollowed figure. She fired them up and to do so she had to use bricks to stable the pieces. Yoon felt that too many colors would not express her message, so used white, black, and red to be concentrated on the highlights of the pieces and not ruin the forms of them. This better expressed the emotions she was trying to convey to the audience. She said the certain figures such as her favorite piece, have red items that have significant meaning to her but are not specific objects.

I feel that her figures are similar to Tim Burton’s kind of drawings and art pieces in his movies. They signify the gloominess and dark with several emotions. If I had not known this was her artwork I would have thought Tim Burton helped her in a way. It is very unique and each figure gives a different emotion to the viewer, I felt. I love Tim Burton’s movies, which is why I was attracted to her work. It is unique.

Follow or view Kathy Yoon’s IG @kathycyooIMG_2516


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