Wk10. Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

This week I visited an art exhibition that I have never seen before. I entered Matthew Dumpit’s kinematic gallery and saw several small mechanical art figures that were interactive. It was interesting to be able to interact with an art someone created. Matthew allowed us and encouraged us to enjoy his art by playing with it and seeing how each one created a different motion by spinning the lever.

He said he was always interested in art since he was a kid, and started telling us how he is fascinated by kinematics, or the process of motion, because it triggers for him emotion. His work is created by cranks, leverages with vertical movements. Some of his work as the wired chaired is displayed but then shot at with a light, to create a shadow. His work is portrayed by several emotions from happiness, to frustration, and anxiousness. Each small piece has a different motion that gives a different representation of different things in the world. So it was to me. The pieces he made were are created by his emotions and then the impulse of doing of them as how he was feeling. He correlates the emotions to metal, because each is “malleable” and “evolving.” His work to him is a representation of his emotions and every time he interacts with them he regains that memory of emotion he went through.

Being able to interact with his work was fascinating. That moment when you go to a museum you feel like touching the pieces and works and not being able to is harsh. This was that moment but actually being able to experience his work, fulfilled that feeling of excitement. Each piece of work created a different motion and created an interesting aspect of how the wires were connected and shaped. The shapes and connections all gave different actions and it was a good feeling. Sort of as how Matthew mentioned, feeling the emotions through his work.  I perceived a different idea though. It was more of the shadow part of his illustrated work and the motions connecting and giving life to his art. I felt as depending on what angle the light was facing the pieces, it was the form it gave it. Then with the interactive motion of the piece, it gained life through a shadow in my perspective. His work exhibited emotions and life all in several pieces.IMG_2441


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