Wk10. Classmate Conversation – Jack Nguyen

Luckily this week I met Jack who gave me some good life advice. First off, Jack is a senior at Cal State University Long Beach majoring in Health Services. He is twenty-seven years of age and he told me to enjoy my life right now that I am young. He said he has enjoyed his time and now he wants to rest and see where life takes him after college. He told me he loves basketball with a passion, and his favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Clippers(good team). We were talking and he told me that he loves to go out and try new foods! Then he told me he loves Peruvian food and tried to explain to me how it taste but just said it was his favorite. He said he is from Van Nuys and that his parents are from Vietnam. I asked him which country would he like to visit if he was able to, and he said Vietnam. He said this because he said that he wants to know more about his parents culture and also because he has never been there. He said he would like to go visit to get to know what it is like and that would be the first place he would visit. It was really fun talking to him, we started talking about sports and he told me he was trying to get into watching soccer. Overall I met a great guy, this is his last semester and I wish him good things in life.


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