Wk9. Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley

This week I cam across Maccabee Shelley’s work, his show’s name was “Fragile Nature.” He started by working in ceramics about 8 to 9 years ago, and continued in art around 2010. He said he received his undergrad degree from Humboldt University, and he is in his fourth semester in Cal State University Long Beach.

His gallery this week is made out of plastic bottles and glass wIMG_2402ork. He melted the glass fusing it with bottles and ceramic. The painting on each was really nice, it made it stand out more, sort of a shinier format. His work came together with the use of thrift stores, things he found in dumpsters, and little items that could be found in homes. He has a bucket where people can go drop off glass they do not use, and is planning to set up a wish list where people can donate things they do not use. Some of his work looked like that one pen on sale, that can help make 3-D art pieces. The long little strands, seem so delicate and fragile. I sort of felt that the safety pole was there to signify the frailness. That one had to be my favorite piece.

It is very interesting to hear Maccabee talk about his work, he seems very passionate and it is very intriguing as how he describes his methods and ideas. He said there was no inspiration for his gallery, though Tony Marsh, head of the art department, inspired him to become the successful artist he is today. At first he was interested in science, majoring in Environmental Science at Humboldt University. He said that he sets out his work as a strategy in a chess game, because that is how he has lived his life.

His work is very appealing, it looks very touch and ease to the hands and eyes. I like that I can relate to the glass work because I always wanted to see how glass looks melted and shaped other than its original state. It sort of gives you a different perspective and imagination of what can be done with materials for art.

Check out his website in the following link: Maccabee ShelleyIMG_2404


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