Wk9. Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

I started this character, which is basically myself. The reason to this is because I always pictured myself as a super hero of some sort. Though, I have goals to accomplish in my life where I would like to help those around me get a better understanding of the things they are not aware of. Without education I believe people will misunderstand each other and bring hate about to their lives. I feel that if everyone comes to an understanding of knowing how we all think and correlate to one another’s lives, we will not completely remove hate, but we can make a change. My character’s name is basically my accounts name: Miltonx. As it sounds, Milton-X and basically comes from a hispanic culture where as a child was raised to respect and challenge the things that do not seem right. As a child the character would learn from those around him, and started to build up his own character from the people. He would see the pros and cons of every individual, absorb as a sponge the characteristics he found that were good for him and see how the cons would affect the other people. So he started to incorporate this idea, to why the whole world has its flaws. Just like science, a theory needs facts to prove it true, my character challenges the ideas around the world that are to be the way of life such as: religion, government, beliefs, and things such as what is right and what is wrong. I teamed up with Christa and her characters name is Dyana. We did not come up with a goal together yet but the plan is to make the world a better place in our story line. You can not finish a wall without starting a brick at a time.


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