Wk8. – Classmate Conversation – Christa

ChristaSo I met Christa, whom I kept misspelling her name! Then decided to tell me her actual name is Jennifer. I felt really embarrassed, but look at this. Little did I know this was not the only class I had her for. She told me she had seen me in our History class, so decided to approach me and get acquainted. We added each other on Snpachat and even exchanged numbers, little did I know that one of her roommates was also in my class! I saw her post a snap on her story and coincidentally the same girl I sat next to in my Mon-Wed class, was her roommate. She told me she likes to work and party, “just playing.” She is half Mexican and Salvadorian, with a younger brother, likes to workout, and a sophomore She currently lives a couple of miles away from school with her four other roommates and loves wings. Then I asked what was her favorite color and why? She told me that it was pink because she loves the contrast it brings and since she was little she has owned pink stuff. She is a really cool person to talk too, nice to have made another friend.


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