Wk8. Activity – Edit Writing

My Dinner, Buffalo Fries
My Dinner, Buffalo Fries

So on week 8 Natalia Chang did her artist conversation on Diane Michelle Linquata. As I was reading her interview, I did notice a few things she can do to improve her essay. Her sentences were too short and straight to the point, in the first few paragraphs. She was not providing more detail to her writing, and would suggest to try and combine the sentences in the earlier paragraphs. Towards the end, her evaluation was good, she did well to explain the artist’s motives towards their project. Yet it would of been good to do what one of the things the rubric says in another paragraph. Which was to include her own interpretation of the project, and how it can connect to her life in any way, not necessarily “pregnancy” as her writing said. Her writing is good, she does give consistent information and does what is asked for in the rubric. Though she could do some grammar checks to improve her writing into being more fluent.

Click here to view Natalia Chang’s Artist Conversation on Diane Michelle Linquata

I believe I am a perfectionist, to when I edit my stuff. Though on this particular assignment, I know I did a couple of mistakes because I was rushing to do it on time, which rarely happens. So I am doing my week five artist conversation on Josh Benz and Karen Solis. First of all I’d like to point out that I did miss one paragraph as our professor asked. I also felt that two of my paragraphs were quite short, considering the one I am missing. Though, on spelling I feel like I did not have grammar mistakes, or maybe did not notice any. I did feel as if I did provide enough detail to describe the artists and demonstrate his ideas behind his art. I evaluated well how they both connected with their art work and came to bring their ideas alive. I also included my own connections to them. Though on how to improve my writing, I would say to use more elaborate words and stretching out my paragraphs more.


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