Wk7. Snapchat – Different Lives Different Stories

Friend    It’s crazy how you can see what people are doing or up to with their lives with just a tap of a screeMy Storyn. This week I participated in the Snapchat project for my art class. I added a couple of people and it was cool to see random peoples’ lives. Some were a few friends of mine that I had recently met and others were just of people I had no clue of. I do not usually upload my weekend on my story, but this weekend I decided to post a a few. I uploaded the girl and the sport that I love, to share with everyone what I was “sort of up to.” Then I saw one of my friends go to Disneyland, and little did I know that they had a filter. I mean it would because it is a huge theme park, but I haven’t been there in a while. It is like you are there but you are not. Every life has a story to tell, and with Snapchat today, we can all be part of one another’s story or at least get to see a part of it. Like another friend of mine posted one while driving to work, I felt her pain on her way there.


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