Wk7. Artist Conversation – Norax Ayala

This week I met the artist Norax Ayala, with incredible artwork. Her paintings were created with a lipstick themed portrait. Also known as serigraphy/screen printing with lipstick mesh. These pieces of are took her eighteen hour days for two complete weeks.

She found it significant in applying lipstick to a canvas. She said she used cheap lipstick, since she did not want to spend too much on lipstick. She chose this because it was non-toxic and believes her collection may be considered offensive since it deals with gender politics. The artwork is lipstick smeared on different layers, which portrays her inspiration for intimacy use on the canvases. As how lipstick is applied to the lips , and lips are applied to the body of one’s partner, the idea is demonstrated on her use of the lipstick on the canvas. The texture of the lipstick on canvas, gives it a soft and tender view, almost as the idea of having an intimate moment. The reflection of her artwork, I believe signifies sexuality.

I do not feel as if the art is offensive in any way. As a matter of fact it seems to be more romantic than anything else. The rose colors, the flowers, and letter, seems almost like a scenario of love. Almost as in a movie, when the lights are dimmed and the room is dark, but not too dark and the intimacy is uplifted with the red vivid colors. The idea of it being more intimate than offensive is reflected upon her artwork. As she said(paraphrase), that art gives people voices and that there is no need to apologize for the thoughts of what one believes in. So in this instance I feel as if she shouldn’t believe it might be offensive to some viewers, but rather an romantic gesture.

.Personally, I found her artwork appealing intimately rather than offensive. I can come to agree with her that art should be a form of expression as a voice. I like the representation of it being romantic and the title of one of her artworks “She and I.

Visit Norax Ayala’s artwork at GLAMFA


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