Wk7. Classmate Conversation – Raquel(Calexico)

So today I met the infamous “Calexico” from periscope, she was randomly walking with her friend Jen and they asked if I had my conversation with classmate. I did but it did not hurt to meet another person! So she took our her pamphlet and sort of interviewed me. It was funny and cool. She is currently a second year at Cal State University Long Beach, majoring in Criminal Justice. Pretty cool. So I asked her why she nicknamed herself “Calexico” because her friend told me to ask her, and she said because she is from there. I did not know where that was at so she told me it was in the U.S. still but close to Mexico. She also asked what my favorite color was and coincidentally we had the same favorite color, purple! So after Jen asked both of us what our favorite ethnic food was, and Raquel said she likes to eat Sushi. But yeah, I asked what crazy color would she dye her hair and she told me purple because it is her favorite color. Other than that, her and Jen were pretty cool girls and wish them luck.


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