Wk.6 Artist Conversation – Anahid Malek-Stepanians

This week on Thursday, I entered Anahid Malek-Stepanian and Dawn Derry’s gallery to see their work in the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. I did my conversation on Anahid’s work because her portraits were capturing. She is majoring in Painting and Drawing, and is a Bachelor of Fine Arts student.

I walked in with my classmate and we both noticed Anahid’s work of art, one known as Winter, that pictures a white and vast field, portraying its title. It is a piece of work of oil on canvas, and it is interesting because even though the image looks completely flat, in person the texture makes it look like a landscape. The painting seemed to have cracks done with pencil after having the paint dry, which make it look almost as broke. This gave the the visual effect of the landscape more life. My first impression of this image was a tundra during the winter season, like the place animals would look for burrows for their hibernation periods.


This next portrait which is also done with oil on canvas is named Spring also done by Anahid. I love the resemblance between this one and Winter based on the fact of the long tree stems and flat landscape surfaces. Both of them seem as though you have a long way to walk through to reach the end of road. I do not know why but the cracks in both paintings captivated my attention. It was the first time I saw paintings look “broken” but yet with so much meaning.

Anahid explained the concept behind her paintings as the seasons. The cracks were formed with a special type of knife known as palette knives, by taking off the first layer of paint. Her and Dawn Derry wanted the audience to reflect over the power of nature and how we perceive it through our own eyes. It is the thought of how looking at a “horizon” and how the image as a whole affects our mood and thoughts. It was a form of “gateways from the outer to the inner world and reflection of our soul.” As we saw it, our viewpoint” becomes different and our perspective of our world changes.

The viewpoint that Anahid and Dawn wanted the audience to perceive is what I saw when I saw their artwork. I do not have any pieces of work from Dawn but the gallery as a whole does give a reflection of the world and looking at each image does make you feel some type of way. The Winter portrait made me reflect over the winter season, not only because the season is my favorite, but because the image itself demonstrates that cold, gloomy, and blue type of day. The cracks on the picture that I have said to make it seem broken, made me think of the way the rain makes the windows of our houses, look different when we look outside. It was that good feeling that is felt when you look outside the window, and your whole mood changes to a cozy and “want to be home in bed” all day. Overall the whole gallery did give a different “viewpoint” while looking at each portrait.

Anahid Malek-Stepanians and Dawn Derry do not have a current website, but you are able to contact Dawn Derry at: dawn_derry@yahoo.com.


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