Wk6. Identity Art – Periscoping My Life

So on Friday evening I decided to Periscope my trip to the Griffith Observatory with my girlfriend, Susie. The idea was to record the whole time but for some reason I did not get signal and recorded only a few parts. At first I was nervous because I felt weird broadcasting myself live and having people look at me. But I just did it and at first I didn’t get anyone to join. So later that day we went to Fatburger and broadcast myself live while she went to the restroom. My whole broadcasting was me spending my weekend with her, so Saturday I went live during her soccer games and received a few weird comments which I found funny. It felt cool having people join you and stay watching what you are doing. I am guessing depending on the language of the title, will be the type of people that join your broadcast. Later that night I spent it with her family for her cousins birthday, though I was not able to get much out of it because it was quite dark. Though if I were to talk about my Periscope experience, I’d say at first it was a bit nerve-wrecking because I had never gone live, even though I do want to do something like in the future soon. This was a great start to see what it would be like, and I felt sort of like a youtuber who broadcast their gaming live. Fun experience!Sky



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