Wk6. Classmate Conversation – Tyler Nakashima

So today I was approached by Tyler who I happened to get well acquainted too, such a cool guy. He was telling me that he is a second year at CSULB majoring in Health Science because he loves the human physique. We were talking about how the importance of education in high school is not taken serious by many teachers. We started talking about this because he told me he wanted to be a teacher himself and be a cool teacher who lets their students eat lunch in his classroom. He told me he loves to play video games, especially Nintendo fighting games. He likes to be competitive and likes that anyone can get a control and learn the art of the gaming world. Other than that, we started talking about how we feel about colors. He told me that during his middle school years he would wear dark colors because to him it represented him as being shy and not so outgoing. On the contrary to now, he said he likes to wear more bright vivid colors because he believes he’s changed from that. We discussed many more things and I’d have to say it was a very interesting talk with Tyler. This guy has a great personality and I am glad to have met him today.


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