Wk5. Ethnography – Almost Died

So last night, I decided to do my project of “Ethnography.” Little did I know that I was not going to survive without my electricity at night. Let me tell how it all started. I did not do this solo, I did it with my family, because hey! Everyone can get a new experience every now and then. The project itself was not the bad experience, it was what happened towards the end of the night. So I told my family, hey lets spend a night outside in the front yard just talking about random things without using our electricity or technology. They agreed, cause at the end it was family time and bonding. At first, it was a bit boring because my girlfriend was not able to join us since she had a family emergency. That same night our front neighbors were throwing a paisa party and a problem arose between them and two gangsters passing down the street. This was at around 1 am in the night and it was all okay a few minutes after. A couple of minutes after we heard “fireworks” and we stayed calm until the neighbors in the front started screaming and we heard glass break. That’s when we realized it was gunshots! It went on for about 2 minutes and everyone was panicking because it was literally right in front of us. We all dropped to the floor in the pitch dark just seeing the lights and shots go on in front. Luckily, no one got hit and the police came and did their job. The darkness of our house probably saved us from being shot at. I guess those are the perks of living in Compton. What a time to be alive.


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