Wk5. Classmate Conversation – Mikel Soco

So I met Mikel, and no it is not pronounced how it looks. It is pronounced like “Michael” but with a unique spelling! It is always fun to get acquainted with people who are similar to me. We started talking because I was talking to Abby, and little did I know he was Abby’s friend as well. We started off well when I told him I was learning to play the guitar, but unlike him I am not a pro! He is so good he also plays ukulele, crazy. He is the third Filipino I’ve met in this class in a row, coincidence? I think not. He is a Sophomore at Cal State University Long Beach and is in pre-nursing. So I asked him “What are you swimming in,” and his interpretation of that was what do we want to do with our lives. So he told me his life goals! His ultimate goal is to give back to his parents for everything they have supported him with and some more. What a great son I’d say. He also told me that he wants to be a nurse and help everyone that he is able to help in his lifetime. I am glad to have met Mikel and his inspirational motives in life. Hope he is able to help a lot of people and help better lives.


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