Wk4. Artist Conversation – David de Mendoza

As I walked in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West for the artist conversation, I noticed The Unfathomable Indisposition of Eros by David de Mendoza. The babies in the painting seemed creepy, dark, and sick. So I had to understand the motives behind David’s inspiration for this painting.

First let me describe what I saw in this awesome painting. What was intriguing was the skulls and wings carrying them. How the picture seemed dark, yet elevated by the shining sky on the upper right corner. The colors are vibrant but dark with more pink throughout the painting than any other color.It is split between two sections, the bottom is dark and full of sickness while the top seems to be bright but full of darkness(evil). The way he seemed to use the colors to mix and match with each other, to portray this vivid piecework, looks amazing. Babies usually are suppose to be innocent and full of light, but the way he daunted them in the painting, without eyes and vomiting makes them seem tired and sick of something. It was not until I asked David what was the inspiration behind this, that I understood the painting more.

He said that it was Cupid being sick and tired of love. That explained the bottom left arrow being held, the babies, and the wings. It gives definition to the skulls with wings and “Cupid” vomiting, his “sickness” of love. The portrayal of the dark and mischievous resemblance of the painting, is because of David’s love of horror. That makes this unique, the idea of Cupid(Eros) the god of love, being sick of love, is different.

The interpretation I get from viewing this painting is the split of two worlds. The top half is heaven and the bottom half is facing towards hell, yes, cliche. Though, I can see David’s idea of Cupid being sick of love because the baby seems to be letting the arrow going into the dark. The babies seem eyeless, the same as the skulls, which in a sense can make them dead and unfeeling. All together it makes perfect collaboration to David’s portrayal of being tired and sick of love. Yet, I was not able to get a clear response to what the top skull is on. It seems as though that can represent the souls, because it carries the eyes, and behind our eyes is where we truly see the beauty of things. Perhaps. None the less, awesome piecework David!

Check out his Facebook page! Click here David De Mendoza


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