Wk4. Graffiti Writing – Taz !

Yes I know I am not the best tagger out there ! But it never hurts to try. It does not say “zat” or “sat”, my bubbly letters are horrible, sadly. I tried posting up my nickname since I was a kid, “Taz.” As a child I would always go crazy when it turned night time just as the Tazmanian Devil from Looney Tunes! So I basically earned the nickname. I had never tagged in my life until I did this painting. It was actually pretty forearm tiring! Overall though, I really enjoyed the experience of drawing or “marking” my territory at my Mom’s backyard. Oops, sorry Mom!thuglyfe


2 thoughts on “Wk4. Graffiti Writing – Taz !”

  1. Hi Milton!

    Nice work! 🙂

    But your numbering is a little confused! 😦

    Wk 1 was “Hello World”

    Wk 2 was “Plaster Casting”

    Wk 3 was “Instagram” and also “Wk3” was the first week we had Artist & Classmate Conversations

    Wk 4 was “Graffiti Writing”

    Could you rename your posts with the proper weeks please? LMK if you need any help with what the names should be, or any help with how to change the names. And LMK when they’re fixed and I’ll give you full credit on everything.

    Thanks Milton!


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