Wk4. Classmate Conversation #2 – Jonathan Pua

So on Thursday evening, I met Jonathan who is a second year Hospitality Management major at CSULB. I found out that he loves video games and cooking! Crazy because I also love video games and cooking. (We exchanged gamer-tags on Steam account). He told me he is majoring in Hospitality Management, because he wants to learn to manage his own cooking business in the future. So then we started talking about if Art is important, and we both thought that cooking and playing sports is a form of art. He loves baking for people and he says he loves the faces people do when they see what he baked for them, making baking an art for him. We agreed art is important because it expresses our emotions and things we love to do. Last but not least, he is Filipino just like my last week classmate!


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