Wk3. Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

All of the galleries were impressive, the one I liked the most was Nick Bamford’s work at the Max L.Gatov Gallery East. A few things about him that I learned is that he is a senior at California State University Long Beach and that he started to love art when he took a ceramics class in high school. His creative sculptures are unnamed and so was his show. He did state that his favorite show was the one held a week before this one, which was a tree show (also untitled) because it represented his childhood, “building unsafe structures.”

The sculptures this week looked soft at staring distance but once in contact they were rough. It gave the impression of our plaster project. They were created with plaster as well, but Nick added cement to it. He stood them up with wood and had a frame out of wire, perhaps to keep the sculpture from falling apart and have it hold it together. They all had the same color, a light grey. Each one had a different shape, all the same size, only one was different because it had a bicycle wheel part of its frame. They were all large and would be described as looking similar to cartoon characters from “Courage the Cowardly Dog.”

Nick’s overall purpose was to generate different gestures, or like he said, “more of a gestural approach.” He wanted the audience to interpret his work openly, and did not feel the necessity to name them. I had asked if there was any inspiration or overall purpose to his work, and he kept it simple. It was something he had not done before and wanted to work with material he had not worked with before to produce different gestures with each piece. He said each piece took him about a day or two to complete, and neither had a specific meaning to them.


Overall my favorite piece is the one above. I interpreted his idea behind the overall pieces of work, into my own ideas. Nick had no meaningful representation for this piece work, and I guess that’s where he wanted the audience to make connections. This piece of work caught my attention as soon as I came in, the idea was that it was alone and seemed different to the other pieces of work. It reminded me of my favorite childhood cartoon “Courage the Cowardly Dog” as I mentioned earlier. The distinct figure and gesture, with the distorted shadow behind it led me to connect with a nostalgic feeling. Overall great sculptures and a great artist!

Check out Nick Bamford’s Art in Instagram: @NickBam4


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