Wk3. Activity – Social Photography

Little BoyVanilla SkyGallery

This project was interesting to do. I feel like the different posts of everyone’s day, portrays how everyone is connected in different ways. In a sense we all do different things throughout our days, yet we all have similar connections. The only thing that makes everyone different is what we do, when we do, and how we do. I feel like this shows how everyone’s life is unique because we all live different experiences in our lives. I guess the main point about our connection that I am trying to say, is that we are all living in the same moment(time in life), but not the same moments(things we do). For example, the picture above where everyone is in the same room, demonstrates my explanation perfectly. Everyone is in the same room, yet everything looks differently in each individuals eyes. I believe we share our photos with one another, because the picture we decided to take, at the spot we were, has a different perspective and value in our own eyes which we wish to express. I suppose that is what makes our lives unique and important because yes, we may live in the same time and place, yet our perspective will always be different.


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